Friday, February 20, 2009

Pouch or Ring Sling?

For parents who need a quick 'pop and go' option, have a child that is in the up-down-up-down stage, like the idea of a one shoulder sling, or want a sling for hip carries (or none/all of the above!) a Pouch or a Ring Sling is a good option. Some people email us and say they prefer the look or design of one style over the other but for someone who is unsure which would suit their needs the best, there are a few things to consider. 

How many people will be using the sling?
If more than one person will be using the sling you will probably find you will need a pouch each as these need to be sized correctly to the wearer. Unless two people are of vastly different size you will more than likely both be able to use the same Ring Sling. If you will be the only person using the sling and you want something that needs no adjusting then a Pouch may be simpler.

Does your baby prefer being upright? The way a baby is carried is something that can be an issue, especially if a baby suffers with colic or reflux. Many babies will have a preference for a certain position and in our experience an intolerance to a cradle/lying down position, even if only temporarily, is quite common. A Ring Sling gives you the option of an upright carry from day one whereas this is not usually possible in a Pouch until the baby has good head control and can be carried in the Buddha position.

Do you want something that is quick to learn to use? Pouches are arguably the simplest slings to get to grips with whereas there is a small learning curve with a Ring Sling while you get used to adjusting the sling and threading the fabric through the rings. Pouches a
re also the most compact and often the cheapest option.

Do you w
ant a sling you can breastfeed in? Ring Slings are generally much easier to breastfeed in as it is possible to adjust the sling so that it holds the baby in exactly the right position. This is more difficult with a pouch as the sizing has to be just right or it will not support the baby in the correct position to stay latched on.

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