Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two-Shoulder Slings

When a customer emails us asking for help narrowing the bewildering range of slings it really helps us advise them if they give us a little bit of information, both about the person(s) who will be using the sling, as well as how the sling will be used. Most people have a list of things they want from a sling and not everyone is going to find one sling that ticks all the boxes so it may be a case of prioritising what is most important. Everyone's needs are different so obviously the mythical beast that is "the right sling" (and we believe there is at least one sling out there for everyone) will be different for different people but quite frequently our response is that the best sling would be a two shoulder sling - either a Soft Carrier or a Wraparound. These are some of the things that are mentioned in the emails we receive that mean we may recommend a two shoulder sling:

  • one of the wearers has problems with their back, pelvis or shoulders and wants a carrier that distributes the weight well
  • carrier needed for long walks especially in pushchair unfriendly places (often dog owners)
  • a sling or carrier will be the main method of transporting the baby - someone on a budget, who does not drive and relies on public transport (London Underground is mentioned a lot!), lives in an upstairs flat or leans towards Attachment Parenting,
  • need a sling for times that require two hands free and/or lots of bending so baby is well supported - housework/jobs around the house, pushing a buggy/wheelchair, even mucking out horses are some of the things mentioned by our customers
  • older or heavier baby/child who isn't yet walking, who won't go in a buggy when they're tired, instead preferring to be carried, or has a physical disability
  • baby suffers from reflux/colic or just likes being upright
  • sling suitable from birth to toddler
That's not to say that someone might also have a specific need or priority that means we might suggest something else instead of or as well as a two shoulder sling. If you think that might be you and want to talk through your situation then please contact us.

So if you think a soft carrier or wraparound sling would be the best for you how do you know which one? Well for a start, the two types are pretty different and often someone finds that one type appeals to them more than the other. This is always a good place to start, after all there is no point in buying a sling that you think might work for you if you don't like it. Odds are it will sit in a cupboard or drawer and not get used and we don't like to see slings being unloved! So if you really don't like the look of one type and don't think you will use it then it's probably best to rule it out. If you now know which type you want to go for then you can toddle off and read more about Soft Carriers or Wraparounds to help you narrow your choice further. Still not sure? Then keep reading........

Buckle vs Tie-On vs Stretchy vs Woven????
It may be that someone likes both types and really doesn't know which one would best suit their needs. The answer may be more than one type (however unhelpful that sounds!) but there are a few things which would cause us to either recommend a soft carrier or a wrap rather than both.

Soft Carrier
Quick to learn how to use
Quick to put on
Mainstream looking
Less fabric so not as overwhelming

Wraparound Sling
Easier for breastfeeding
More carrying positions possible
Most suitable type for premature/tiny babies
Poppable (stretchy wraps)

Simple really! Only joking, we do appreciate how confusing choosing your sling can be so if after reading these articles you still have some questions do get in touch.

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