Friday, February 20, 2009

Slinging in the Rain!

Well not just rain, all the grotty weather that the British climate throws at us. We get emails from customers asking how best to sling during the winter months whilst still keeping you and baby warm and dry.

Sling under or over a coat? The short answer is either but there are things to consider. If your baby is wrapped up for the cold and the sling or carrier is on top of your coat you can bet your little cherub will fall asleep which leaves you with a problem if you then go indoors. In order to get your coat off and to remove their warm clothing to prevent them overheating you have to wake them up.... I'm sure not all babies turn into Grumpy from the land of Grump when they are woken from a sling sleep but mine does! If they are under your coat with just a hat on you can remove them and let your baby keep sleeping.

What are the clothing options? The most obvious option is a Babywearing Coat such as the divine Mamajacket (see photo above). These have an extra panel which zips into the front or back and provides extra room for your baby and a hole for their head. The coat can be worn without the panel and is a rather yummy fitted coat. You can also buy covers which go over a sling. The MaM Babywearing Cover (right) provides a wind and rain proof layer over your baby and the carrier. If you want a cheaper option you can use a slightly-too-large fleece jacket or even a big cardi (the long maternity styles with a belt work well) which you can do up around you and your baby.

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