Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pouch Sizing - Help!

We know that fitting yourself for a pouch is tricky - nearly 80% of emails and phone calls from customers are about this one sling issue! As it's important, both for safety and comfort, to get the exact fit we have updated our main pouch page to include tips and hints for getting yourself the perfect pouch.

, our best selling pouch, have now stopped using their sizing calculator as it was not as helpful and precise as hoped. Instead, they have issued a sizing chart which should enable you to find the right size. Peanut Shell, our other pouch range, have put together a sizing guide as well, which can be viewed on their main page on our site.
We are planning on adding at least one more pouch to our range, as these slings are incredibly (and deservedly popular) with parents.

So how do you get the right size pouch? Here's our top tricks and tips:

General tips for measuring and sizing fitted pouches:

  • Measure yourself from the top of your shoulder to your hip bone, holding the measuring tape firmly against you.
  • If you are pregnant, measure your back instead
  • If you are a man, ignore the bra size measurements and put in all other sizing information
  • Factors that will affect your pouch size are torso length and breast size
Not sure if you've bought the right size? A well fitting pouch will:
  • Feel close without being uncomfortably tight - if you can't breathe, it's too small
  • Not move from your body - if the pouch hangs from your body with your baby in it it is most likely too big
  • Feel like you are wearing another top with your baby in it
  • Support the weight of your baby and not pull on your shoulders or back - if it does, it's probably too big (or not spread out properly)

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