Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 5 Breastfeeding Blogs

With the world going blogging crazy there are blogs on just about every topic imaginable, including breastfeeding. A great way to both keep up-to-date with issues that are relevant to breastfeeding and read the opinions and views of breastfeeding bloggers (or should that be blogging breastfeeders??) who are vocal about supporting the breastfeeding cause. Well-written, often inspirational and sometimes downright funny - here are some we really like.

One Of Those Women - written by Morgan Gallagher, chairperson of 'Nursing Matters', a non-profit making, voluntary organisation that advocates for breastfeeding babies. 'Fighting for informed, equal choices in infant feeding. Babies are born to nurse at their mother's breast: fighting to make sure their mothers have a choice in allowing this for as long as they both mutually desire it. Fighting to keep formula fed infants as safe as possible. Feeding your child is your personal choice: let's make sure it's _your_ choice, not everyone else's.'

Lactivist - written by Lisa Cole and is the offspring of lactivist.co.uk which sells clothing and accessories to promote breastfeeding. The lactivist blog 'is a centre for all like minded lactivists. It is a space for people who promote breastfeeding in anyway to share information and news.'

Blacktating - written by Elita, a mum in Florida. 'Breastfeeding news and views from a mom of colour'

The Lactivist - written by 'a mainstream WAHM turned slightly crunchy by my two little munchins' and is the companion to The Lactivist Store. It is 'aimed at supporting nursing moms by promoting issues like extended breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public and human milk bank donation. The Lactivist is a little on the irreverent side, but we aim to educate through humor and we hope that you'll laugh with us'.

Reluctant Lactivist - written by a mum who says: While I have always promoted breastfeeding in my own personal way, I never wanted to become a lactation activist. Read on to learn why I am now the Reluctant Lactivist

You will find links within these blogs to lots of other breastfeeding related blogs.

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