Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top 5 Breastfeeding Articles

Getting in to this top 5 lark as we are now over half way through BFAW. Today we have the top breastfeeding articles. According to us. Obviously ;-) There are gazillions of articles on breastfeeding online and lots of them are fabulous so to narrow it down to five is no mean feat. These are (just some of) the ones which have that "WOW" factor - that hit you between the eyes with facts showing just how marvellous breastfeeding is or make you look at the issue in a different way.

Suck on This - published in The Ecologist magazine in 2006 this article goes deep into the issue of infant feeding and describes the factors that conspire to stop women breastfeeding, including the medicalised birth process, unscrupulous actions of the formula companies and poor support from health professionals. Most shocking are the facts about formula milk and its effects on babies. A long but worthwhile read.

101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child - at ProMom. Lots of reasons (well 101 actually!) why breastfeeding is so great with references to back them up.

Straight Talk About Real Babies - written by Ann Calandro IBCLC. A fantastic insight into how brainwashed we are as a society, how we expect babies to behave a certain way and how these unrealistic expectations so often mean the end of breastfeeding.

Watch Your Language - written by Daine Wiessinger, IBCLC. A brilliant brilliant article which explains how the language used to talk about breastfeeding is important if it is to become normal and not just a nice extra.

There is a smart drug - it's called breastmilk - written by Johann Hari and published in the Independent last year. Another look at why women in this country don't breastfeed and mentions the appalling actions of big business, specifically Nestle.

Okay so it's blatant cheating but I'm going to slip this one in at the end. If this were a list of shampoos this would be 'the sciency bit' - not a light read by any means but the facts are staggering.

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