Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Competition

We think we are still the victim of recent changes to Facebook and people are not seeing our updates (if you are a fan and haven't been seeing our status updates, go onto our page and click like or comment on a few statuses which should allow us to show in the future) as it seems a little odd that only 6 people wanted to win three slings. However, with only 6 entries, those that did enter had pretty good odds of winning a great prize. We thought randomly picking one entry was the fairest way to do it.

First the seven year old was put to work writing the names on little bits of paper........

Child Labour

.........then the pieces of paper were screwed up and put into a hat yellow plastic bowl. (Forgive the attire, it was apparently pyjama day today which obviously is only complete with a Christmas hairband).

Why can you never find a hat when you need one??
Then the three year old had the responsibility of jiggling them about for a looooong time and pulling out one bit of paper........

Six bits of paper take a LOT of mixing up

It took a while for little fingers to unfold the tightly screwed up bit of paper but she finally managed it..............


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