Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beco Butterfly Restocked and NEW Beco Gemini

We now have the Beco Butterfly back in stock, including a new print 'Luna' (right) which is a lovely subtle print on Espresso. For people looking for something plainer we also have solid 'Metro Black' and 'Espresso'. The Beco Butterfly is a buckle carrier which is suitable from birth due to the removable infant insert which holds the baby higher in the carrier while still supporting them in the correct seated position. The infant insert also secures your baby inside the carrier, even when the waistbelt is open which means the carrier can be passed between parents without the need to remove the baby first! Will also carry toddlers up to 45lbs in a front or back carry. Supplied with a removable sleephood and chestbelt as well as comprehensive instructions in both booklet and DVD format.

New to Big Mama Slings is the Beco Gemini (left) - a padded 4-in-1 buckle baby carrier suitable from birth to 35lbs. The innovative one-piece design has an adjustable seat to accommodate small babies in the front facing-in position, but also to allow a fully ergonomic forward facing position. In addition, two other carrying positions are possible - a hip carry and a back carry - making this carrier incredibly versatile and able to meet your child's changing needs as they grow. The head rest folds down and poppers on to the body of the carrier when not in use but can be folded up and fastened to D-rings on the shoulder straps to support your child's head. Currently available in two patterned and two plain designs.

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