Friday, July 01, 2011

Warning - Counterfeit Moby Wraps

In recent months there has been an increasing amount of fake slings and carriers sold online. These are often made with cheap, unsuitable materials which have not been safety tested, and also may contain toxins in the fabric which are harmful to your baby. We have received the following announcement regarding counterfeit Moby Wraps:

Important Notice:
It has come to Moby’s attention that Counterfeit Moby Wraps are being sold online by unauthorised sellers.  These products are not made with the same materials as authentic Moby Wraps and may pose a safety hazard to your baby due to the lack of safety testing and chemicals used in dyes unsuitable for babies.  Unfortunately, no warranty protection is offered on these counterfeit products.

When purchasing your Moby Wrap, please take care to only use a Moby authorised distributor or retailer.  Big Mama Slings is an authorised retailer and our company listing can be found on the Moby Store Locator here 

Moby Wrap products purchased through authorised distribution and retail channels come with the protection of the manufacturer's warranty, which is not extended to unauthorised dealers or counterfeit products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this statement or concerns about a product you have purchased in the past – e-mail:

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