Saturday, April 25, 2009

Real Nappy Week at Big Mama Slings

We love cloth nappies here at BMS, so much so that Big Mama is now stocking them alongside the wonderful range of slings and other bits and bobs. To celebrate Real Nappy Week this week (27th April - 3rd May 2009) Big Mama is offering a fab 10% discount on the nappies making them even better value.

The Pop-In from Close Parent is a unique hybrid nappy system; a cross between an all-in-one nappy and a two-part system, the inner soaker poppers inside the outer shell so that it comes apart for easy washing and drying and cleverly goes back together again ready to simply fasten around your baby. These are birth-to-potty nappies meaning you only need one size. There are three sets of poppers on the front of the nappy enabling you to adjust the size and the stretchy Aplix tabs mean a snug, reliable and comfortable fit at any age.

The outer is a soft brushed fabric and the pop-in soaker is made from a gorgeously soft bamboo fabric which is super absorbent, more so than the same thickness of cotton making these nappies less bulky. The soaker is shaped to provide the most absorbency where it is needed and containment is provided by the elasticated back and double-elasticated leg gusset. They are completely natural with no gels or chemicals to absorb liquid, just the natural absorbency of the cloth, which makes them soft and kind on your baby's skin.

We have these lovely nappies available in four multi-pack options: the multi-pack which contains 10 complete nappies, 3 Dri Night boosters, a small tote bag and one roll of flushable liners, and the multi saver pack which contains 20 complete nappies, 6 Dri Night boosters, 2 small tote bags and two rolls of flushable liners. Both of these options can be upgraded to the Deluxe version which also includes an Accessory pack of 10 rolls of flushable liners, one medium tote bag, one large tote bag and 10 washable bamboo wipes. The nappies are in 5 gorgeous unisex colours - Duck Egg, Pistachio, Pumpkin, Coconut and Custard - if you would like your nappies all in one colour you can make a note of which one at checkout.

As if that isn't enough we also have 10% off both Babylegs and Huggalugs for RNW. Not only do these fun, funky and gorgeous leg warmers have serious cute factor they are also very practical. We think they go very well with cloth nappies because they make nappy changes much simpler and quicker and are easier when potty training. We love them for lots of other reasons too - they cover the gap between trousers and socks that tends to appear when your baby is in a sling, sun protection for exposed delicate skin, extra warmth under trousers when it's really cold, provide padding for the knees of crawling babies....really the list is endless! Great for presents for the babies of your friends and available in a huge range of colours to compliment all your childs outfits - with a 10% discount, what you are waiting for!

Happy Real Nappy Week from all at Big Mama Slings!

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