Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sakura Bloom Ring Slings - Hana and Pure Ranges now in stock

Sakura Bloom are known for their beautifully simple ring slings, offered in a range of natural fabrics and colours. The shoulder design is especially comfortable for carrying older babies and suits most parents, whilst the fabrics used are so comfortable and supportive that even the heaviest toddlers can be carried with ease. Big Mama Slings have now added to our existing range of luxury slings offered by Sakura Bloom to offer you the Hana and Pure ranges - both still as carefully made with the same attention to detail and lovely fabrics, but featuring more simple designs. The Pure range is also suitable for both parents, making it a great choice for a family sling. All silk and linen slings are also very comfortable in the hotter weather.

Sakura Bloom are also offering a wonderful chance to win a set of the slings - simply purchase one of the Ring Slings through the website and you will automatically be entered in the competition by us.

Competition Details:

Purchase a Sakura Bloom baby sling between April 1 - May 11, 2008 and you are automatically entered to win an entire baby sling wardrobe vlaued at £580. The baby sling wardrobe consists of 4 Sakura Bloom baby slings:
  • 1 baby sling from our pure or hana collection
  • 1 baby sling from either our linen simple or linen essential collections
  • 1 baby sling from either our silk essential or artisan collections
  • 1 baby sling from our tussah luxe collection

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