Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rockin' Baby Pouches Now In Stock

We've just added the Rockin' Baby Adjustable Baby Pouch to our range of slings; after nearly four years of selling their popular ring slings we are delighted to have these fabulous pouches in stock too. Currently we are stocking the Small/Medium size which does fit a large range of sizes; if you do require a different size you can always request one through us.

So - how do they work? A nifty zipper system allows you to find the perfect size for you. The first time you try your sling on there may be some adjusting involved but after that, it's just pop on and go. Like most pouches, these fold up small and are incredibly convenient for toddlers who want to walk, then be carried, then walk, then be carried....

All Rockin' Baby products are designed and manufactured in the US.

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